Rated Speech Samples Developed for ICAO by ICAEA


The 2011 ICAO Rated Speech Sample Training Aid (RSSTA) was developed under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) by a panel of international academic, linguistic, testing and operational experts. Analysis of the data was carried out by specialists in language testing from the universities of Lancaster, Melbourne and Cambridge.

ICAO issued the first RSSTA in CD ROM format in 2006. As part of its ongoing commitment to improve standards in aviation English, ICAO commissioned ICAEA to produce a second RSSTA in 2010. Its purpose is to help aviation language test service providers, examiners, teachers and also training, human resources and operational management to understand what constitutes an acceptable level of English for pilots and air traffic control officers. Unlike the original training aid which was distributed on CD ROM, this set of speech samples is available online, free of charge, through the ICAO website.

75 raters from 23 countries engaged in the rating exercises. The raters, from both operational and language backgrounds, assessed over 210 samples of language from a range of tasks representative of the materials that are currently available in the testing of aviation English. The data from the rating exercises was subjected to a many-facet Rasch analysis (FACETS, Linacre 2002) to identify samples which provide internationally agreed, reliable indications of each candidate's performance in the six criteria of the ICAO rating scale. Rating work continues; more samples will be added to the RSSTA over time.


The RSSTA project would like to thank the pilots and air traffic control officers around the world who allowed recordings of their tests to be used for the purposes of this training aid. The project would also like to thank the test service providers who authorised the use of their samples, and the raters who gave generously of their time; without them this product could never have been developed.

Test service providers:

  • Aerosolutions, Belgium
  • Agencia Nacional de Aviacao Civil, Brazil
  • Anglo Continental, UK
  • Edgewater College, Ireland
  • EUROCONTROL, Luxembourg
  • Flight Training Europe, Spain
  • General Administration of Civil Aviation of China
  • Griffith University, Australia
  • G-TELP, South Korea
  • Japan Civil Aviation Bureau
  • Language Technology, Uruguay
  • L'Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile, France
  • Mayflower College, UK
  • Oxford Aviation Academy / Emery Roberts, UK
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • St Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, Russian Federation
  • Test Of English For Aviation, Peru
  • Volga Dnepr Airlines, Russian Federation


    William Aranda   Malcolm Mackley
    Ava Budain Farkas   Milina Matulova
    Neil Bullock   Monika Mekarska-Zaleska
    Tom Burg   Paul Mellor
    Jonas da Silva   Istvan Monhalt
    Gilberto Pedro da Silva   Cathy Moulins
    Eduardo Guilherme da Silva Ribeiro   Alexandra Mozgo
    Angela Carolina de Moraes Garcia   Nicholas Mylne
    Rex Derby   Revy Naidu
    Graham Elliott   Geraldine O'Byrne
    Chen Fang   Melanie Quillen
    Natalia Fedorova   Phil Ratcliff
    Jacqueline Forde   Paul Read
    George Foster   Karen Rieussec
    Damon Freeman   Andy Roberts
    Paterno Gabasan   Katalin Sa¡lyi
    Cybele Gallo   Olga Sadykova
    Norovsambuu Ganchimeg   Rachel Shieff
    Uyanga Gavaasambuu   Anna Shumaeva
    Carmel Godmet   Pat Sosich
    Qionglan Gong   Susanne Stanyer
    Patrick Goyvaerts   Paul Steinly
    Cleveton Luciano Grings   Maria Szopska
    Ian Stewart Hail   Birgit Szymanski
    Ari Huhta   Ana Lucia Tavares Monteiro
    Malgorzata Jablonska   Zsuzsanna Udvardyne Somkuti
    Ron Jenkins   Jon Underwood
    Zhang Jianwen   Leona Van Auwenis
    Tapio Kakko   Jacqueline Walker
    John Kennedy   Penny Weal
    Fionnuala Lynch   Rachel Williams

    The RSSTA project panel:

      Henry Emery (ICAEA - Project chair)   Pieke Satijn (EUROCONTROL)
      Philip Shawcross (ICAEA)   Professor J Charles Alderson (Lancaster University)
      Adrian Enright (ICAEA)   Dr Andrea Revesz (Lancaster University)
      Bozena Slawinska (ICAEA)   Dr Ute Knoch (University of Melbourne)
      Dr Terence Gerighty (ICAEA)   Dr Evelina Galaczi (Cambridge ESOL)
      Gabor Sipos (ICAEA)   Mike French (Rating tool, Web design and IT infrastructure)
      Angela ffrench (ICAEA)   Capt. Sutas Dejkunjorn (ICAEA)